Not even half way through….

It does not look like I will manage to finish this challenge this year 😦

I think I will have to admit defeat soon and then start again from scratch next January. At least I will know about in time….Will anyone else continue next year?


155 of 365 (theme 338 Triangle)

A triangle shaped palmtree in Spain

154 of 365 (theme 267 Sandy)

153 of 365 (theme 75 Dessert)


A wedding cake.

152 of 365 (theme 21 Bargains)


We bought 3 plants of this Rudbeckia Goldsturm a few years ago and how we have them in several places and they spread a lot. A lot of flower power for little money.

151 of 365 (theme 16 Award)


This award goes to Woody the woodpecker for most peanuts eaten in a day.

150 of 365 (theme 54 Closed)


149 of 365 (theme 89 Faded)


The rudbeckias are finally giving in to winter.

148 of 365 (theme 161 It’s Saturday Morning)


And we have been out with the dogs for a nice walk in all the autumn colours.

147 of 365 (theme 176 Look Alikes)


I thought this looked a lot like a Hare….but it is just a tree root…

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